to store multiple packs in compact way

Cassette rack STACK

A very compact method to store multiple packs of sheets. Is operated with forklift truck. Cassette is fully extractable and can be used to move material along your workshop
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The racks are designed for compact storage of sheet metal packs in cassettes.

In contrast to rackless storage, provides direct access to each item of material. And in contrast to the use of front racks, provides greater capacity for the same storage area due to woodenless storage.

The rack is served by a forklift truck or stacker. De-pallerizer is recommended to load the material into a cassette. The cassette can serve as an in-shop container.
Gentle storage
The cassette is handled by the loader, but its forks are placed in closed pockets. No contact with material, no risk of damage to the sheet
The cassette has walls so that the material will not slip out of the cassette
Ergonomic design
Special support profiles for cassette alignment as well as rear position limiters
Кассета для листового металла
Cassette for sheet metall
Typical cassette has a board to prevent the material from shifting when the the cassette is moved with a forklift truck. Material is secure.
Кассета для крупногабаритного груза
Cassette for any heavy load
Cassette may have custom size and configuration in order to store bulky and heavy load.
Standard rack parameters
Sheet dimension
from 2000 х 1000 mm
to 6000 х 2000 mm
Cassette payload
to 3000 kg
Useful height
depends on forklift truck lifting height, usually up to 4000 mm
Storage of galvanized steel sheets 2.5x1.25m in the workshop
Case study
The cassette is designed so that it can be placed under an automatic manipulator to feed the sheet to the TRUMPF laser cutting machine.

The driver of the forklift truck takes the cassette and positions it under the automatic loader. The machine works in automatic mode.
Is used to release a pack of sheet metal from the wooden pallet and to load it into the cassette.

De-palletiser has openings to take it with a forklift truck. The vertical uprights that serve to put a material are movable to locate them accordingly to the sheet size.