Frequently Asked Questions

What product (STACK / DRAWER / SHUFFLE) to pick?
Here are some examples to illustrate how to choose, but this is not a regulation. Each case can be considered individually.

If the rack is standing at the machine (laser / plasma cutting, guillotine, punching, bending, etc.) on which the sheet is placed by the operator manually, one by one, then we recommend DRAWER rack. The operator pulls out the shelf with the needed item and takes one sheet to the machine table.

If the rack is used to feed the sheet to an automatic machine with automatic loading - consider STACK rack. We put the whole shelf in the area of material fencing with an automatic loader, it takes the sheet and puts it on the table of the machine.

If you need to organize a compact storage of material (eg, now a warehouse outdoors or metal is stored in a pallet rack, which is less spacious) - use STACK rack.
What is lead time?
Usually the lead time is from 4 to 10 weeks depending on the configuration of the rack.
Can you customize racks?
Yes. We specialize in creating custom solutions. It can be custom sheldf and rack dimensions or even individual shelf design in case of specific requirements.
What are the requirements to the floor?
We do not give recomendation to the floor but we provide the customer with all needed information to make a check if his floor loading capacity is enough.

The rack is always anchored to the floor with anchor bolts, drilling depth ca. 160mm.

For DRAWER and SHUFFLE the floor height difference in positions of closed and opened doors should not exceed +/-3 mm.
How to install a rack at my workshop?
We make every rack as much pre-assembled, as possible in terms of transportation.

Actually, it means that you receive DRAWER and SHUFFLE for sheets up to 4x1.5m fully assembled.
DRAWER, SHUFFLE for 4x2m sheets and STACK are semi-assembled.

On site the rack is adjusted and fixed with anchor bolts into the floor (included in the delivery), the shelves are put inside.
A manual with detailed instructions goes with each delivery.