to have multiple packs of sheets at hand by a machine

Rack with exchangeable cassettes SHUFFLE

Rack with general-purpose combi-shelf. It has roll-out shelves at the bottom section and extractable cassettes at the upper section. One can change the material between the sections managing the stock rotation

Rack for installation at the metalworking machine to feed the sheet to the table of the machine. Unlike the DRAWER rack, it is used when more items need to be stored.

The rack consists of two sections: the lower section with doors to extend the shelves on rollers and the upper section with support rails for installing cassettes with a forklift truck.

The cassettes from the upper section can be exchanged with cassettes mounted in the U-frames of the lower section, depending on the material rotation. The cassettes are replaced with a forklift truck.

It is possible to load the cassettes into the P-frame from the front or from the rear of the rack.
Extensive opportunities for growth
It is possible to supplement the rack by placing the cassettes in additional free-standing sections of the STACK rack, including on the street.
Gentle and safe storage
The material is securely stacked in STACK cassette with sides or limiters. The sheet will not be out of the shelf when the cassette is moved by the loader.
Adapts flexibly to the logistics of workshop
The shelving can be complemented by a mezzanine or a free-standing section of STACK. Cassettes can be loaded with a forklift at the front or at the rear, depending on the location of the machines and access roads in your shop.
Двухсоставная полка для листового металла
The shelf consists of two parts.
One is non-removeable U-frame with rollers, which is pulled out into the lower section of the rack. The other is an extractable cassette for the sheet metal, which is installed in the U-frame.
Стеллаж для листового металла с вкладными кассетами Стэк
Cells for cassettes
There are two ways to add cells for extractable cassetes to your storage system.
It can be organised as a mezzanine above rack with pulled out combi-shelves. Also the cassetes may be put into free-standing Stack rack.
Standard rack parameters
Sheet dimension
from 2000 х 1000 mm
to 4000 х 2000 mm
Tray payload
to 3000 kg
Number of trays
usually, up to 8 at lower section
Useful height
lower section up to 2000 mm
Storage of steel sheets 3x1.5 and 2.5x1.25 m in the workshop
Case study
Two racks provide total storage capacity of 48 tons of sheet steel.

Cassettes are loaded at the rear. The shelves of the lower section are extended into the zone of laser cutting machines operation at the front of the rack. A sheet is taken from the shelf and placed on the machine table by a vacuum manipulator.
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Vacuum Manipulator
The device for operating with an individual sheet.

Is supplied as an individual vacuum gripper, which can be attached to your gantry or as
a free-standing jib crane with electric telpher or as a jib crane mounted to the rack structure.
Is used to release a pack of sheet metal from the wooden pallet and to load it into the cassette.

De-palletiser has openings to take it with a forklift truck. The vertical uprights that serve to put a material are movable to locate them accordingly to the sheet size.