to create a working cell with your machine

Rack with roll-out shelves DRAWER

The design lets to take an individual sheet from the shelf with manipulator or manually. Opened doors serve as guidance to roll the shelf out

DRAWER is used to be installed next to metalworking machine in order to feed the sheet to the machine table by grippers (vacuum, magnetic, eccentric, etc.) or manually. In this way the sheet metal work is significantly accelerated.

To work with the shelf, the doors of the rack are opened. The profiles of frame and doors are joined and the shelf on rollers is rolled out on them. The shelf is extended to 100% depth.

It is possible to separate the zones of loading and unloading by adding doors to the rack also in the back.

Multi-purpose mezzanine can be installed on the roof of the rack.
The shelf is simply pulled out with 100% load (3000 kg). Comfortable shelf handles, locks are located "at hand" and easy to use
Safe operation
The doors of the rack are locked when the shelf is extended, the shelf has a lock in retracted and extended positions
Stable rigid construction
The rack is heavier than analogs on the market. All elements are bolted, min. strength class 8.8
Various types of drawers for you operating method:
Полка для листового металла для загрузки с деревянным поддоном
Flat shelf to store the pack of sheets with a wooden pallet
Полка для листового металла для загрузки погрузчиком или кран-балкой
Shelf for non-wooden storage, is loaded with forklift truck or gantry
The most popular type
Полка для листового металла для загрузки кран-балкой
Deep shelf to put the pack of sheets inside the frame with a gantry
Standard rack parameters
Sheet dimension
from 2000 х 1000 mm
to 6000 х 2000 mm
Tray payload
to 3000 kg
Number of trays
usually, from 5 to 8
Useful height
up to 2000 mm
Storage of 3x1.5 m steel at laser cutting machine loaded with a jib crane
Case study
The rack is installed at the laser cutting machine, arranging a convenient workplace for the operator. The rack has static, not swing doors (a cheaper option).

The sheet is retrieved from the shelf with a vacuum manipulator. The arm of the jib crane provides a swivel radius to put a sheet on the machine table.
Vacuum Manipulator
The device for operating with an individual sheet.

Is supplied as an individual vacuum gripper, which can be attached to your gantry or as
a free-standing jib crane with electric telpher or as a jib crane mounted to the rack structure.
Let you to get maximum use of you hall space by placing custom designed mezzanine for any type of load at the top of DRAWER rack.

The mezzanine is operated with forklift truck. It may carry sheets of metall, wooden pallets or another bulky load.